Brokerage Services for the Dairy Industry

Complete exchange services for producers and commercial entities, along with our experienced risk managers, provide help in managing individual risk in the dairy supply chain.

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Brokerage for Dairy

Partner with Ever.Ag to craft and execute a risk management strategy that fits your business goals.

It starts with exceptional execution. In our view, execution is not a commodity, but rather a calculated process to achieve the best possible price with the tools available in the market. Couple our world class execution with our team’s dedication to helping you develop an individually suited risk management plan and you have a winning combination. In the end, we want you to “own your risk” rather than having your risk own you.
Futures & Options Trading

Ever.Ag provides global and regional exchange-traded dairy futures and options markets (CME, EEX, SGX-NZX, and Euronext). Also, our brokerage team works with clients from building strategy to final execution.

Spot Trading
Ever.Ag offers brokerage services on exchange-traded spot markets – where goods are sold for cash and immediate delivery in a cash market or physical market.
Over the Counter (OTC) Trading

Ever.Ag offers OTC brokerage services for the agricultural community, emphasizing the dairy industry. Our team works with multiple suppliers and counterparties to maximize liquidity and price opportunity. When working with Ever.Ag, OTC clients have access to our entire network.

Dairy Brokerage

Pinpoint Your Risk and the Tools You Need to Manage it

Finding Optimal Solutions

Providing both exchange-traded and OTC derivatives


Utilize CME futures and options at the right time and in the right combination with other risk management products


Pinpoint where your risk is and what methods you can use to manage it

“Without strategy, execution is aimless. Without execution, strategy is useless.”

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