Dairy Market Risk Management Advisory

Providing detailed analysis and insights for businesses in the dairy industry so you can create a well-informed strategy based on the current market environment.

Dairy Risk Management Advisory

Industry Experts Who Understand the Challenges You Face When Developing a Risk Management Strategy

Hedging Strategies

Plan a hedging strategy with guidance from a market advisor

Procurement Strategy

Prepare for milk procurement needs with an expert’s insight

Market Outlook

Gain dairy market analysis from industry experts

Business Planning

Gather insight on market factors that could impact your business

Forward Contracting
Access to market data and trading platforms
Position Monitoring & Management

Tech-enabled monitoring or current market conditions

Advisory Team

Forward Contracting

Advisory Team

A Team of Advisors That Specialize in Dairy and Agriculture

The dairy markets are unique and complicated. That’s why we have a team of advisors that not only have a deep understand of managing risk, but also specialize in dairy and come from agricultural backgrounds. Together, we can help you create a well-informed strategy based on detailed analysis and insights for businesses in the dairy industry.

The Ever.Ag team realizes the importance to leverage the resources and tools needed to proactively manage your unique risk and protect your profits. Ever.Ag’s clients include producers, processors, CPG companies, and merchants.

Customer & Farm Forward Contracting

A Forward Contracting Service Doesn’t Have to be Difficult

We help you offer convenient hedging services for clients and tech-enabled risk management programs for dairy producers.
Rely on our team’s knowledge and depth
Customer or Supplier Driven
Offer end-user customers or producer suppliers easy access to risk management tools
Tech Enabled
Access leading technology that makes program management a snap

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